About NSW Trustee & Guardian – Almost 100 years of experience

NSW Trustee & Guardian (formerly Public Trustee NSW) acts as an independent executor, administrator, attorney, trustee and financial manager for the people of NSW. We specialise in Will making, estate administration, trusts, powers of attorney and financial management with professional staff well-versed in the many complexities of asset management and estate administration.


NSW Trustee & Guardian - serving the community

NSW Trustee & Guardian (formerly Public Trustee NSW) was established by the NSW Government and operates under the NSW Trustee and Guardian Act 2009, which means we will always be there to ensure the people of New South Wales have access to a service that protects their assets. Enjoying a reputation as the State’s largest Will-maker, NSW Trustee & Guardian has written over 900,000 Wills and currently manages around 2,000 estates a year, as well as providing assistance with a range of legal and financial affairs.