Where are you at in life?

There are many ages, stages and situations in life that act as natural milestones; points at which it is wise to take stock of your goals and achievements, and re-evaluate and reassess your plans for the future. Such milestones can include: moving out of home; moving from single life to living with a partner; the birth of children; buying a house; or retirement.

At each of these stages or situations you will very likely be faced with a changed set of circumstances and considerations, and often you will be faced with new responsibilities. Knowing what to do in each situation, and what action to take, is not always easy.

Just like the changes in your life, your Will should grow and change with you through the different phases of life: from being young and care-free; to the creation of wealth and assets; to wealth preservation during your life; and, finally, to the distribution of your assets after your life.

Below are some things to consider when making or updating your Will at different stages of your life.