You are getting married

If you are planning a wedding – it’s important you plan a Will at the same time. A Will can help protect you and your partner from any legal or financial uncertainty if the unexpected were to occur. In some circumstances a marriage may revoke a previous Will you may have written or even cancel part of a Will. If you don’t have a Will, a government formula may be used to determine how your estate is distributed, and this may not reflect your wishes, causing disputes and delays for your partner and loved ones.

Once you have a Will it is also important you keep it up-to-date when your life circumstances change such as if you have a child or if you and your partner purchase a new property.

  • Have we considered joint assets and how they will be divided?
  • Have we each considered our individual assets and how they will be distributed?
  • Have either of us been divorced and need to consider ex-partners?
  • Does either of us have children from a previous marriage?
  • Do we have any other existing joint investments with ex-partners or friends? Eg property, shares, etc
  • Do I have any large debts that my partner needs to know about?
  • Will my new husband/wife be my sole beneficiary or do I need to divide my assets?
  • Are we currently living together or moving in after we get married?
  • If we’re living together currently, do we need to divide or calculate separate assets that aren’t jointly owned?