You are in same sex relationship


If you die without a Will, your partner must satisfy the legal requirements proving the relationship, to be entitled to their share of your estate. Having to prove this can lead to additional expenses and distress for your partner when they are grieving. If you draft a Will naming your partner as beneficiary, this will save them the trouble of going through the legal processes and take some pressure off them at a difficult time.

  • Is my partner going to be my sole beneficiary?
  • Do I need to divide my estate between my family and partner?
  • Have I considered any joint assets I own with my partner?
  • Are there extended family members on my partner’s side I need to consider?
  • Do we have any pets that need someone appointed to take care of them?
  • Have I considered personal/sentimental belongings as well as financial assets that we own together?
  • Have either of us been divorced and need to consider ex-partners?
  • Have I appointed my partner as guardian to my children?
  • Do I have any large debts that my partner needs to know about?