You are retiring/getting older


If you are retired it is important you have a legally valid Will in place so you can choose how your assets and sentimental possessions are distributed amongst loved ones. If you don’t have a Will your estate may be divided according to a pre-determined government formula. This may result in certain family members or even friends who you may have wanted to inherit, missing out. A Will may also avoid potential future disputes amongst loved ones about who get what assets. It is also critical your Will is updated when your life circumstances change such as when new grandchildren are born or properties are purchased or sold. 

  • Have I established who my executor will be?
  • Have I considered power of attorney?
  • Do I need to consider dividing my assets between family and extended family? Eg children, grandchildren, etc
  • Do I need to consider any investments/property/superannuation?
  • Are there any pets that need to have a caretaker appointed for them?
  • Do I have any loans/debts that I need to inform my partner about?